Surge Suppression – A Saving Grace

Power anomaly is basically a four-letter word for a lot of business owners. Did you know that power anomalies can cause damage to your equipment and operating systems, leaving you with costly repairs and downtime?


Anomalies with the flow of power, such as sags, spikes, and surges are some of the problems that can have a negative impact on your equipment. These influxes and decreases in your power supply can not only cause damage to your hardware but also your software.


A surge suppression device can provide the protection you need. 


One of the most dangerous anomalies for your equipment is a surge in power. A surge is a sudden jump in electrical voltage caused by irregularities in the power lines. When the surge comes through the power lines, into a business and through the outlet, the sudden spike in current can cause damage.


Despite the different shapes, sizes, and strengths of surge suppression devices, the basic job is the same. A surge protection unit is a device meant to regulate power anomalies and protect your equipment from them. Their role is very important for all businesses, considering power anomalies such as a surge or spike can occur to one degree or another in any type of utility power. 


Protect your investment by having surge protection in place! Why risk expensive repair for your equipment or costly downtime while repairs are made? Contact ECS today!