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Energy Control Systems

We get it!


It seems like nobody understands the frustrations of being in the tech world. We do.  We want to give you back control of your life! Let us take the headache of techno-stress off your plate.
Since 1987 Energy Control Systems has been at the forefront of the power quality industry, here in the USA and in more than 40 other countries around the world.  Our evolution from a single product surge protection company to a multifaceted full service provider.  Our product line includes a variety UPS brands like Eaton, Xtreme Power, and MGE.  We also provide replacement UPS batteries, Harmonic Mitigation units, Power Factor Correction systems and a complete service department for single and multi-year maintenance contracts.

Technical and Sales Support via WhatsApp


There is not a need to shop anywhere else for power quality. Our objectives are not to sell a product and move to the next client. We create customized engineered solutions from concept to implementation. We know more than just a part number from a catalog.  You will be hard pressed to find that from a big box online catalog company.


Despite 30+ successful years of providing power quality products and solutions to our diverse group of clients, we never sat down as an organization to establish a concrete corporate image. Perhaps this was for the better as we were able to establish our own corporate culture without trying to fit any predetermined ‘mold,’ so to speak.


The global reliance on electronic infrastructure in the 21st Century is even a greater reason to find a partner committed to your success and not just another purchase order. We want to be that partner. We ARE the Standard! Give us a call, email or online chat to discover more!

Energy Control Systems is very proud to be associated with Comsys – ADF Power Tuning.  The ADF is an active filter that is modular and scalable from 208vac up to medium voltage applications.  Check out ADF page and contact us for additional information.
Surge Protection

Surge Protection

The Sinetamer® solution encompasses the deployment of a 4th Generation Technology of surge and transient protection system. We are more than just a typical lightning arrestor which can be found on electrical panels around the world.

Ups Equipment

UPS Equipment

UPS systems range from small desktop solutions through large 3 phase systems that protect entire facilities. Because of this wide range of needs, Energy Control Systems works with multiple manufacturers to find just the right fit.

Power Quality

Power Quality

Power Quality products are no longer an option in our electronic society, they are a necessity. From microwaves in the home to the microwave towers feeding data to corporate offices, demand for uninterrupted, uncorrupted electrical power is exploding.



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