Power Protection is an Important Part of your IT System!

Are your company’s IT assets protected from power issues? If you answered no or if you are unsure, you need to contact ECS today. Every business needs to have protection in place to protect from costly downtime and other unnecessary issues that can be caused by fluctuations with their power supply. 


Even short power outages can mean problems for your company. Losing power for as little as a second can trigger events that may make IT equipment unavailable for minutes up to several hours. And we all know, downtime is costly. Some estimate that the U.S. economy loses between $200 billion and $570 billion a year due to power outages and other power-related disturbances.  


Power fluctuations can cause damage to your IT system. By law, the electrical power being distributed to your business can vary pretty widely. Voltage can legally vary from 5.7 percent to 8.3 percent under absolute specifications. That means that what utility services promising 208-phase voltage actually deliver can range from 191 to 220 volts.  


Utility power in the U.S is only about 99.9 percent reliable. Now that sounds good, but when you think about it,  it means you’ll experience about nine hours of utility outages every year. Every time you lose power unexpectedly, your IT system suffers. 


In today’s world, IT has gone from being a supporting part of some businesses to being front and center for the majority of operations across a multitude of industries. The technology that comprises these IT systems is much smarter, faster, and stronger than it was just 10 years ago, but as it improves in functionality, it also becomes more delicate and sensitive to outside disturbances. 


Protecting your IT systems from power issues is a must. Generators and surge suppressors are not enough to do the job alone. Generators can keep systems operational during a utility outage, but they take time to startup and provide no protection from power spikes and other electrical disturbances. Surge suppressors help with power spikes but not with issues like power loss, under-voltage and brownout conditions. You need a fully functional system to help keep your business running smoothly, avoiding unnecessary downtime. 


Contact UPS today and let one of our team members help protect your company’s IT systems.