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UPS Solutions

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UPS systems range from small desktop solutions through large 3 phase systems that protect entire facilities. Because of this wide range of needs, Energy Control Systems works with multiple manufacturers to find just the right fit for the customer’s needs and application.

Over the years, Energy Control Systems has formed solid relationships with manufacturers that provide a well-rounded offering of UPS systems, equipment and accessories. Included in this is extensive training for not only our service personnel but also our sales staff as well.


Because there are a variety of needs and budgets involved in the process of purchasing Uninterruptible Power Systems, Energy Control Systems does more than sell a “box” solution. Each of the applications listed below can be tailored to fit your voltage, run time, communication and other needs so that you are getting what you want and not paying for options you do not need:

  • Small Office
  • Large Office
  • Manufacturing
  • IT
  • Health Care and Outpatient
  • Server Rooms
  • Phone Systems
  • Offshore
  • Oil Drilling
  • 911 Centers (Emergency Communications)
  • Government

Because computers and power are the mainstay of our lives, it is impossible to list each and every application where a UPS is necessary – contact us today to discuss your own, unique needs.


There are many options for power management/protection these days. Energy Control Systems works with both the main manufacturer as well as 3rd party providers to offer entire site solutions. If you have a need, let ECS find the solution. Contact one of our specialists today at 800.383.6956 or by email at

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