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Transient Surges & Whole Home Surge Suppression

Transient Surges & Whole Home Surge Suppression Residential surge suppression? Is it really necessary? When appliances are continuously hit by low voltage surges, the inside components start to degrade. This affects their lifespan and reliability. Larger surges are much worse. While they’re less common, powerful surges can start fires in appliances that have already begun […]

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Artificial Intelligence…

Boosting the Performance of HVAC Systems HVAC systems are used in buildings to provide a comfortable thermal environment to the occupants. They are one of the most significant sources of energy consumption in buildings. While thermal comfort level tends to be different among individuals, traditional HVAC systems are operated based on fixed setpoints and do not automatically consider […]

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Petroleum Industries…

Be Proactive About Installing Better Power Quality Systems! Electric power quality is vital for the proper and sound functioning of all electronic equipment. Like most industries that rely on electric power, the petroleum industry consumes a significant portion of the total energy production. According to the US Energy Information Administration, the refining industry was the second-largest […]

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