SineTamer - Surge & Transient Protection System for Electrical Devices
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SineTamer supplies most productivity surge & transient protection system

Are you experiencing random downtime?
Do you have unexplained VFD or PLC failures or lockups?
Would you like a 50% reduction in electronic maintenance?
You need Sinetamer! Check out our articles page for more info!
Check our product pages for your solution!

The Sinetamer® solution encompasses the deployment of a 4th Generation Technology of surge and transient protection system. We are more than just a typical lightning arrestor which can be found on electrical panels around the world. Sinetamer® is an engineered solution designed for the ultra sensitive nature of all variations of microprocessor based devices.

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  • Security
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Warranty
  • Global Network of Trained Distributors
  • Custom Solutions at No Extra Charge

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Finally a performance based surge protective device that actually
performs and insures your electronic infrastructure.

At SineTamer® we proudly state, we Are the Standard!

All SineTamer products are for Export outside the USA. Contact for USA products.