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About Us

About ECS

Over 30 successful years of providing power quality products and solutions to our diverse group of clients, we never sat down as an organization to establish a concrete corporate image. Perhaps this was for the better as we were able to establish our own corporate culture without trying to fit any predetermined ‘mold,’ so to speak.

Having recently realized that a more defined corporate image needed to be communicated to both our current and potential customers, we took the time to closely analyze our business practices and attitudes. The following statements and values are the beginning of a new era for Energy Control Systems, and they provide our stakeholders and ourselves with a basic guideline for what to expect from ECS.  It also provides a springboard for which to propel ourselves into the future by associating an image with our name. While power quality has been our industry for over 30 years, our business has always been increasing customer profitability. Through integration of our products and services, we are able to provide power quality solutions which lower overhead costs and increase profitability.

For a short history on ECS and the founder. Go here.

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About Us - ECS has been offering power quality products for 20 years