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NexTek – Coaxial, TV, CCTV, Cellular, Radio Suppression

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NexTek is a USA based manufacturing operation that has been in the RF protection industry for more than 30 years. They provide EMC compliance solutions for various Wireless RF customers in the form of coaxial RF lightning & surge protection and high current feed-through filters.

Addtionally, NexTek provides surge protection for various TV applications, including any 75Ω transmission line. Whether the application is Cable, Satellite, or CCTV, NexTek has a range of standard products ready to protect GDT Tester Nexteknearly any Video/Television signal. High performance designs mean minimal-to-no signal degradation or loss, to ensure that your picture stays as clear and crisp. NexTek’s standard solutions are also rated to withstand extremely high current levels, meaning that they will provide years of protection when installed properly.

GDT Tester Nextek
GDT Tester Nextek

Also we can provide EMC compliance solutions for various customers in the form of coaxial RF surge protection solutions for cellular RF bands. With the proliferation of wireless radios and communications across all industries and the Internet of Things(IoT) becoming a reality, the number of radios and antennae in a given home or workplace is growing every day. Much of this wireless communication uses existing cellular networks and technology, such as the GSM, CDMA, and LTE bands. For any radio, cable, or antenna that sits outside, there is a serious risk of lightning damage which would result in downtime and service & replacement costs.

We are proud to be their global partners! Let us know what your needs are in these or any RF type applications. Call or contact us with your specific requirements!

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