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Executive Summary

What we do!

We consistently and effectively improve the profitability, reliability and operational performance of all electrical and electronic equipment by reducing downtime and failures of these systems through effective elimination of destructive voltage transients with the coordinated installation of SineTamer® systems.  A major consequence of equipment failures during operation is presented as downtime losses.  Reductions in downtime as a byproduct of virtually eliminating electronic maintenance have been documented to attain 80% in many locations, installations and situations.  We make companies more profitable!


How we do it!

Technology is the key. Our SPD devices employ a sophisticated technology we term as Frequency Attenuation Network™.  Each disturbance of the sinusoidal wave is a change in the fundamental 50 or 60 Hz frequency.  Typical surge devices can only respond to voltage variations therefore they only clamp spikes when they exceed the peak of that sinewave.  In years past, this was an acceptable performance curve.  However, all that changes when we deploy and implement ultra-sensitive equipment within a given establishment. The effective implementations of the ECS frequency attenuation network systems provide the proper electrical “environment” for these types of systems.  The random lockups, resets, and re-programs can now be virtually eliminated with our products improving enterprise profitability.

Why use ECS?

When considering the ROI can range from 10 seconds to 8 months; it is in the best financial interest of any global industrial entity.  Stakeholders deserve and demand the best!


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