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Lightning Protection

Reliable Lightning Protection System

It is impossible to determine when or where lightning will strike, but the risk remains. Of the violent forces of nature, lightning causes more deaths and property damage than any other. In the United States alone, lightning accounts for more than one billion dollars in property damages annually. Luckily, lightning is one force of nature economically viable from which to protect. With the proper lightning protection system you can rest assured that your systems, investments, and personnel will be protected.

ECS’s charge dissipation terminals, early streamer emitters, and traditional lightning protection components each has its unique method of effectively protecting systems from lightning damages:

Charge Dissipation Terminal products incorporate electrodes that break down into corona before streamers can form; these terminals lower accumulated static charges, consequently mitigating or delaying upward streamer generation.

Early Streamer Emission Terminal products combine the advantages of two systems: the preferred path to ground of a conventional system and state-of-the-art early streamer emitter technology designed for ESEs, which increases the effective protection area 800 times more than that of a conventional system.

Traditional protection components that constitute a conventional system providing the preferred point for lightning termination and safely carries it to ground further dissipating the energy.

Regardless of the system chosen, ECS’s quality, performance, and durability is guaranteed.

New! Streamer Emission Delay Terminal

Streamer emission delay terminal to prevent devices from direct lightning

Streamer Prevention Terminals


As the name suggests the Streamer Preventing Terminal (SPT) is designed to delay streamers as compared to a Franklin Rod lightning terminal. As a lightning downward leader is initiated and the electromagnetic field builds up, a static charge accumulation is experienced on the facility and on the lightning terminals installed on the facility. The lightning terminals react by generating upward streamers having the capability to intercept the downward leaders. Streamer Preventing Terminals (SPT) are manufactured using stainless steel ionization brushes that neutralize build-up of static charges and thus mitigate or delay streamer formation.

Streamer Prevention Terminals are the latest design in lightning dissipation technology. Science and experience show that Streamer Preventing Terminals, and the structures on which they are installed, are much less likely to sustain a direct lightning strike than unprotected structures or structures with traditional lightning protection systems. Additional information can be found in the downloadable article.

Lightning Protection with Streamer Prevention
ECS deliver streamer preventing terminals
Streamer Emission terminals parts

Early Streamer Emission Terminals


ECS is proud to offer our new line of Early Streamer Emission terminals for structural lightning protection. The ESE utilizes advanced electronics to provide lightning protection to facilities that would otherwise be difficult or cost prohibitive to protect by conventional means.

Lightning Protection Services

Lightning protection design & installation services.

ECS’s lightning protection and grounding design services from simple traditional systems to comprehensive facility wide solutions.

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