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Power Quality Products & Solutions

Power Quality products are no longer an option in our electronic society, they are a necessity. From microwaves in the home to the microwave towers feeding data to corporate offices, demand for uninterrupted, uncorrupted electrical power is exploding.

Downtime is virtually intolerable in the manufacturing sector of our economy. Yet, Business Week magazine reports that “$26 Billion dollars a year of lost time and revenue can be attributed to power related problems.” Computerworld magazine reported that a price tag of $78,191 per hour cost on computer downtime for the average company. Also, according to Contingency Planning Research Inc., power problems are at the root of nearly 50% of data loss at computer installations in the US. Thus it makes economic sense to consider solutions that ensure a continuous, quality power supply.

Power Quality is not a product that can be installed. It is a solution that can be obtained by the systematic approach of implementing the proper products designed to resolve the specific issue at hand. There is not a one size fits all solution. It may be that only through an in-depth energy analysis that we can make the proper recommendation to achieve YOUR desired results.

We at ECS are well aware of who’s the customer.

We have a myriad of options at our disposal, some of which you may not see listed, so call us or chat online with us no to get more information!

ECS Power Quality Solutions for power protection with honest 200 KAIC rating
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