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Surge Suppression – USA

Domestic Surge Suppression


ECS is a leading service provider of surge suppression devices

Surge Suppression Incorporated (SSI) is the leading manufacturer, distributor and service provider of surge protection devices, such as the Advantage® Series, trusted by over 200,000 customers around the globe. Our customers include the U.S. State Department, state and local government operations, and a collection of the world’s most recognized brands, like Nike and Mobil Oil.

Quality, Performance, Integrity By specializing and focusing all of our research and development on surge protection and its effect on the clients’ profitability, we deliver only the highest-performing power quality products. These include power, telecom and data protection, all backed by the most admired warranty in the industry.

Our team’s depth of expertise and collective years of experience, combined with shared positive ethical values, honesty and integrity, serve as our foundation. We personally commit to providing unsurpassed service and excellence to all of our future and current customers.

We’ve established the industry standards for quality, performance and customer satisfaction and are devoted to continually raising that bar. Contact us today to discuss how SSI is your surge protection solution

Our Solution: Optimal Protection Network™

To eliminate the destructive effects of both external and internal power-related transients and ensure your systems survive and remain operational, our Optimal Protection Network™ plan consists of a layered defense approach, using patented, proprietary surge protection devices. The devices are strategically placed based on your power, data and telecom systems’ specific and unique needs.

Optimal Protection Network

What are the advantages of Cascading Surge Protection Devices?

Layer 1: Service Entrance Locations

Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) at service entrance locations suppress high-energy transients to levels that downstream SPDs can eliminate.

Layer 2: Distribution Panel Locations

Any transient energy remaining from the service entrance location during power system faults or severe lightning strikes are further reduced or eliminated at distribution panels that have properly-applied SPDs installed.

Layer 3: Branch Panel Locations

Protecting branch and sub-panel locations further safeguards mission-critical and high-dollar systems from cumulative transients occurring circuit-to-circuit within those panels.

Layer 4: Telecom & Data Circuits

Because extremely low-level transients can damage mission-critical telecom, data and control circuits, protection at all building entry points and selected high-risk internal locations is necessary.

Layer 5: Dedicated Load & Point-of-use Locations

Dedicated and isolated loads are protected to mitigate the adverse effects of cumulative transient damage and close-proximity transient-generating locations.

Our Optimal Protection Network™ Solution also provides:

Strongest Product Warranty in the Industry
25-Year Product Warranty with free SPD replacements, no strings attached!

Experienced Professionals

Our executive, application engineering and R&D staff average two-plus decades of industry tenure while our sales personnel have over 25 years of industry experience and
SPD-specific knowledge.

Tools To Make an Informed Buying Decision

Complete, real-world performance testing and specification data from “as installed” tests allows you to make the most informed purchasing decision. We have no reason to hide behind partial test parameters or missing values!

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