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Pace AI

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Looking for proven methodologies to reduce energy consumption, be socially conscious and save money? Here it is…

Heating and cooling systems are naturally dumb if left on their own! They run too much due to control inefficiencies and you typically become only aware that they are broken when its too late!

What if there were a way to add efficiency, curb peak electrical demand and at the same time add smart grid and IoT benefits and have it pay for itself?

Well, there is; and it’s now available to homeowners and businesses of all sizes! Entities like Hitachi America and CBRE have partnered with Pace Controls of Philadelphia Pennsylvania in validating the PACE AI technology in industries from hotels to hospitals, restaurants, industrial, residential, recreational facilities and more.  With savings of 20%+ across virtually all industries, there is now better time than right now to pursue savings on your HVAC, refrigeration, heating, boilers and heat pumps.

Advanced HVACR Cost Saving and Monitoring

  • DOE’s ENERGY STAR and Better Buildings campaigns, and also ASHRAE, recommend use of energy-saving retrofits for HVAC and refrigeration (HVACR) equipment and addition of automated fault detection and diagnostics (AFDD).
  • Remote monitoring and AFDD can greatly reduce emergency repairs, which often are done at high cost.
  • These measures can also extend equipment life.
  • Additionally many utilities companies offer incentives and rebates that can dramatically reduce cost and improve the already attractive return on investment!


How does it work?


In the simplest of terms the PACE AI node becomes the intermediary between the thermostat and the equipment it is controlling. The Pace node draws in all of the runtime information from the equipment and its “machine learning ” AI enables it to empower your equipment to run more efficiently, lessen the energy demand charges and yet maintain complete levels of temperature control and comfort of the personnel occupied spaces.

In addition to the energy savings aspects of PACE AI, its cloud based functions (PACE + PACE Cloud) and portal gives you 24/7 access to fault monitoring, trending, energy reporting, cloud based diagnostics and fault detection at levels previously available to only the largest of enterprises!

Extensive Credentials: 90+ Studies Show 20%+ Savings

90+ studies show 20%-30%+ efficiency savings example at right: 10-month California Energy Commission independent submetered study, 18%-24% kWh reductions with maintained setpoints, even with a modern building automation system in place; new PACE AI delivers 30%+.

Additionally PACE AI has been used in national 100% on-bill-funding offering for Constellation Energy (NYSE: EXC).   PACE AI can be combined with WiFi thermostats, VFDs, economizer controls, HVAC tuneups, and any building management system.

What are some examples of savings on HVAC?

  • 30 Ton Scroll Chiller: 23%
  • 225 Ton Reciprocating Chiller: 17%
  • Gas/Electric Package Units: 20%+/20%+
  • Electric Electric Package Units: 20%+/20%+
  • Heat Pumps (Air Source, Water Source): 20%+/20%+
  • Heat Pumps (Ground Source [Geothermal]): 20%+/20%+

What about savings on gas and oil-fired heating?

  • Gas-Fired Boiler: 28%
  • Gas-Fired Split System Heating, 90,000 Btu/h: 22%
  • 10-ton gas/electric RTU, heating: 25%+
  • 10 MMBtu/h Oil-Fired Steam Boiler: 13%
  • Gas-Fired Boiler: 23%
  • Gas-Fired DHW Heater: 31%


What about commercial refrigeration?

For a large refrigerated produce logistics warehouse, in a sub-metered study for an energy project that received a utility rebate. Average cooling kWh energy savings of 17% and an average kW demand reduction of 10%, with produce compartment temperatures and relative humidity maintained.

For a DOE study with one our technology partners, on latest developments in HVACR energy and operational monitoring, a PACE installation was done on a university walk-in cooler and freezer unit. Analysis showed 18% kWh savings for rapid payback, plus the added remote monitoring of temperatures and unit operations for much improved, cost-effective facilities maintenance and control.


Industry-Leading Energy Efficiency and Smart Grid Solutions for Heating and Cooling!

PACE+PACE Cloud flyer

Additional FAQ information can be found here.

For additional information on how you can get PACE AI in your facility… call us 1.817.483.8497  or


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