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Petroleum Industries…

Be Proactive About Installing Better Power Quality Systems! Electric power quality is vital for the proper and sound functioning of all electronic equipment. Like most industries that rely on electric power, the petroleum industry consumes a significant portion of the total energy production. According to the US Energy Information Administration, the refining industry was the second-largest […]

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Why Your Organization Needs Surge Protection

Electronic devices are a staple for any business or organization in today’s world. They play an essential role in performing the key functions that practically run the business – processing payments, communication, and keeping records just to name a few. What many organizations often fail to realize is that the proper protection of these electronic […]

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Transient Surges Reduce Your Profits

Transient surges refer to brief overvoltage spikes that last only a few micro-seconds and are often ignored or considered harmless. However, these voltage spikes can be extremely harmful to your electronic devices, reducing your long-term profits. Some of the reasons for these surges are power grid switching, lightning strikes, or a malfunctioning transformer or transmission […]

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