Heat Wave

May isn’t even over and a lot of places are seeing record-breaking heat and threats of power outages. Here at our home base in Fort Worth, TX, we are bracing for triple digits already! This summer may be a scorcher!

High heat temps can mean influxes in your power supply and even complete power outages. Now is a good time to look at your equipment and make sure you are protected.

As the weather gets hotter, the power demand increases in order to keep homes and businesses and the people and machines in them cool. Organizations must take action to prevent outages like installing an uninterruptible power supply system.

Did You Know?
Cooling – running the A/C – can account for 50 percent of a business’s electricity bill.


A transmission line starts with a limited capacity and during warmer days, that capacity is reduced slightly. This causes the method of delivery to slow as the demand for power increases. In addition to the fluctuations, the heat can also cause power lines to sag. If a sagging power line comes in contact with trees or other objects, it can cause the line to short out.

Time and time again, we see the damages that hot temps play on companies because they are not protected for the issues with their power supply. Don’t let the heat cause you to sweat. Contact ECS today and let us help ensure you are prepared this summer.