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Power Outages

Protect Your Equipment with ECS

Unprotected equipment can fall prey to brownouts, over-voltage and line noise. Often times, these issues go unnoticed, allowing for significant equipment damage and premature failure. You can protect your business from these dangers with solutions from ECS.    To help protect you from brownouts, over-voltage, and line

Severe Weather —> Power Outages

Over the last month, a lot of the central and eastern states here in the USA have experienced severe weather with tornado outbreaks becoming a regular occurrence. With these storms comes the inevitable power outage. Every power outage has the potential to cost your business

Heat Wave

May isn’t even over and a lot of places are seeing record-breaking heat and threats of power outages. Here at our home base in Fort Worth, TX, we are bracing for triple digits already! This summer may be a scorcher! High heat temps can mean influxes