Petroleum Industries…

Be Proactive About Installing Better Power Quality Systems!

Electric power quality is vital for the proper and sound functioning of all electronic equipment. Like most industries that rely on electric power, the petroleum industry consumes a significant portion of the total energy production.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the refining industry was the second-largest consumer of energy (18%) in 2019. Hence, the importance of electric power quality cannot be neglected. Marker surveys also indicate that US consumers experienced an average of almost six hours of electric power outages.

These surges can cause productivity loss and equipment damage, which would mean a total loss of investment at best and loss of life at worst. Given the nature of work in the petroleum industry, the loss of life is a real threat that must be addressed proactively.

Here, we will identify the importance of having sound power quality systems in the petroleum industry.

Protects Against Voltage Fluctuations


Having a stable supply of electric power is essential for continuous operations. Fluctuating voltages and poor quality of power can lead to a loss in productivity. Electrical equipment is designed to function at established levels of power. Sudden surges can lead to process disruptions as the equipment may not be able to function effectively, leading to downtime and equipment failure.

By integrating surge suppression devices in their distribution systems, organizations can increase their productivity and manage their costs.


Minimizes The Effect Of Harmonic Distortions


Harmonic distortions or total harmonic distortion (THD) is the degree of variations in the sinusoidal waveform of the electric supply, which results in short pulses that distort the voltage and cause the current to flow into other parts of the electrical distribution system. These can be very harmful to electronic equipment such as the switchgear and the motor control center found in refineries and extraction sites to distribute the electricity.

These harmonic distortions can raise the temperatures in the distribution transformers and conductors, resulting in critical damage to the devices. Harmonic mitigation devices help minimize the effects of these distortions by incorporating the use of tuned harmonic filters.


Eliminates In-house Power Quality Degradation


The petroleum industry utilizes some of the most high-energy demanding equipment. Variable speed drives (VSD), Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), and Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR) are all essential for the petroleum industry operations. However, these devices significantly degrade the quality of electric power, resulting in poor power quality throughout the distribution system. Low monitoring of the power quality in offshore installations is another contributing factor to the compromised safety and production losses. Installing power quality assurance products to these devices can help reduce the overall effect of power degradation in the system.




Power quality is a vital part of a productive organization. The petroleum industry requires a stable, clean, and uninterrupted supply of electric power to maximize its efficiency. Power quality products are the preferred choice for millions of people worldwide to protect their investments and equipment. If you are interested in getting yourself globally recognized electrical power quality products, check out Energy Control Systems, one of the country’s leading energy solutions providers.