Transient Surges Reduce Your Profits

Transient surges refer to brief overvoltage spikes that last only a few micro-seconds and are often ignored or considered harmless. However, these voltage spikes can be extremely harmful to your electronic devices, reducing your long-term profits. Some of the reasons for these surges are power grid switching, lightning strikes, or a malfunctioning transformer or transmission line. The surges can cause overload or short-out and degrade your devices over time.

Equipment and Hardware Damage
International Business Times states that the US suffers power blacks outs more frequently than any other developed nation. The federal data reports that blackouts cost American businesses as much as $150 billion per year.  The power surge hazards can lead to a loss of revenue as it puts your business at risk by disrupting equipment and causing severe downtime.

Many organizations claim that just one hour of downtime can cost over $100,000, reducing their long-term profits. The ITC survey also stated that 60 minutes of downtime could cost the business over $300,000, proving that companies are heavily dependent on efficient infrastructure. Often, the damages are irreparable and can heavily impact your working capacity. The transient power surges can also leave companies unable to cope with losses, leading to a complete shutdown.

Damaged Reputation

Once you have lost their trust, winning the customers and clients back isn’t just costly but also impacts your credibility in the market.  Downtime can put you at a disadvantage when you can’t deliver your product and services to your customers, partners, and suppliers on time.

A damaged reputation can severely affect your sales and revenue as it changes the way customers perceive your company. This can also increase your unturned inventory as the demand for your product drops. Market data suggests that even a few minutes of downtime can cause internal business operations to come to a standstill.


We recommend taking proactive actions using a surge suppressor to mitigate voltage spike damage to protect your business while maintaining productivity. ECS will ensure that your computers and data equipment are protected if there is a power outage or blackout.

We will also help you implement an energy control plan to save costs, which will ultimately increase your long-term profits. In the past, we have helped many companies such as West Fraser Sawmills and Muhimbili National Hospital reduce downtime successfully.

For more information, Contact ECS to see how surge protection can help you generate long-term profits.