Author: Jeff Edwards

Five Steps to UPS Deployment

Deploying an uninterruptible power system (UPS) is an increasingly important decision for today’s organizations, regardless of the size or sector. Relied upon to provide continuous, clean power to a connected load — as well as battery backup in the event of a power outage —UPSs are imperative to achieving uptime and business continuity. As a […]

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Advantages of CNC Machining

The advent of the 4th Industrial revolution has only accelerated the integration of technology into our society and the utilization of IOT related gadgetry threatens to push us over the edge with reliance on the microprocessor.  Let’s not even begin the discussion on AI! When Elon Musk offers up caution on that topic, we should […]

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Eaton Visual Power Monitor

Eaton Visual Power Manager Eaton’s new Visual Power Manager (VPM) software provides data center managers the tools to monitor data center power devices – including all UPSs and PDUs (rack and floor mounted). VPM is easy-to-deploy, simplifies day-to-day monitoring and helps maintain business continuity. Whether you have one server rack tucked away in a closet […]

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