Introducing the new Eaton 9PXM

The Eaton 9PXM UPS is a scalable, modular backup power solution that combines the highest level of reliability with the lowest cost of ownership in the 4–20 kVA range. It became available the first of September. The 9PXM enables customers to build a power solution specific to their needs, with an expandable level of redundancy and increased run-times through plug-and-play, hot-swappable power modules and battery modules. The 9PXM can be configured to fit eight- or twelve-slot tower enclosures which can be converted into 14U and 21U rack-mounted solutions with an easy-to-install rack kit.


The 9PXM is 94 percent efficient in normal operating mode and up to 97 percent efficient in high efficiency mode. With its small footprint, high power rating, external bypass and PDU compatibility, the 9PXM is a true rack ready solution ideal for small/medium data centers, co-location data centers and on premise IT and network closets. In addition to IT applications, the durable, low maintenance, single assembly chassis, which offers customizable output outlet configurations, makes the 9PXM an excellent solution for retail, industrial and mission-critical applications that require a UPS with a high power rating and small footprint.


Data center and network infrastructure is the critical backbone of enabling a connected world. Eaton is at the forefront of this market by uniquely organizing, protecting and managing critical IT efficiently. IT convergence at the “edge” or “fog” continues to gain in importance for effectively and efficiently running networks large and small. These on-premise solutions offer unique data latency challenges and are becoming increasingly important for assuring business continuity. As such, Eaton is expanding its IT modular single-phase UPS offering.

Key features and benefits

  • · N+X redundancy eliminates system level single point of failure
  • · Universal slots for batteries allow for extended runtime in a single chassis
  • · Hot-swappable power and battery modules
  • · 40% reduction in physical footprint compared to 9170+
  • · Customizable back panel for outlet output
  • · Smart EBM technology automatically detects battery installation and replacement
  • · ABM technology increases battery service life by 50%
  • · Advanced control with Intelligent Power Manager software allows for remote management and integration into leading virtualization platforms

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