Advantages of CNC Machining

The advent of the 4th Industrial revolution has only accelerated the integration of technology into our society and the utilization of IOT related gadgetry threatens to push us over the edge with reliance on the microprocessor.  Let’s not even begin the discussion on AI! When Elon Musk offers up caution on that topic, we should all pay much closer attention.

But stepping back just a bit from the above the race for the latest, greatest, fastest, most complex automated manufacturing systems available to industry, what about the CNC machining centers.

Advantages of CNC Machining

The advantage of CNC machining is represented in accuracy, productivity, efficiency and safety. Human interaction is significantly decreased when using a CNC machine, as a result the amount of errors is lower. Some large fabrication companies even leave the CNC running over an extended period of time unmanned. If there is a problem with the machine, the software automatically stops the machine and calls the operator.

What part does quality power play?

As the computer processors of CNC machining centers have continued to evolve and become more complex, so have the issues with random lockup’s, loss of synchronization and other unexplainable “No Trouble Found” service calls. It is often thought that the CNC is a ruggedized industrial piece of equipment that barely requires a climatized environment, much less a quality electrical infrastructure suitable for a 21st century data center.

More is required of the engineering department than just setting the machine and turning on the key and handing over the owner’s manual and programming instructions of the CNC.  Our industrial clients from around the world have come to realize that investing in new technology is not enough to improve profitability.

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