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Electric power surges can be a nuisance for your daily working operations. According to the US Energy Information Association (EIA), power interruptions averaging about six hours were experienced by the customers in 2018. Power surges can affect your electrical equipment and systems’ delicate infrastructure and render them completely or partially useless. A survey by NEMA states that about 41% of the people who experienced electric power surges reported loss or failure of electrical equipment. So, it is clear that electric power surges can be devastating for your operations.

But what can we do about it? The answer lies in installing surge protective devices.

What are Surge Protective Devices?

Surge protective devices are components of electrical systems that protect the wiring, accessories, and other electrical installations from the transient voltages. SPDs may also be connected to sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, automated manufacturing systems, elevators, and medical equipment.

Why Choose ECS Surge Protective Devices?

Energy Control Systems (ECS) provides its customers with state-of-the-art, high-quality power products, including UPS, harmonic transformers, batteries, and surge suppression products. With over 30 years of experience in dealing with quality products worldwide, ECS has established itself as one of the world’s leading energy solutions providers.

Our line of surge protective devices, such as the Advantage® series, provides you with the ultimate umbrella to safeguard your electrical systems. Some of the key advantages of choosing our surge protection devices are:

  • five-layer Optimal Protection NetworkTM eliminates any transient energy that reaches your electrical system from the supplier.
  • Our surge protection products help reduce electronic maintenance by around 50%.
  • Safeguards your equipment by redirecting the excess voltage away from the device.
  • NexTek, our RF lightning, and surge protection device, filters out electromagnetic noise from the RF signals with minimal-to-no signal degradation or disruption.
  • Devices are placed according to your electrical system’s specific needs to provide protection against brownouts.
  • Our surge suppression devices suppress the voltage and protects your sensitive microprocessor-based devices.


Transient surges can critically damage the electrical systems and devices and result in losses due to maintenance and repairs. Surge protection devices play a vital role in eliminating the harmful effects of overvoltages and reduce the chances of equipment failure. Therefore, installing quality surge protection devices is recommended to protect your precious belongings and save yourself the worry of unstable voltages. To learn more about ECS surge protection devices and other energy solutions, visit our website.