Power Outages Happen – Be Prepared.

With the recent power outage at the Hartsfield – Jackson Airport in Atlanta, attention has turned to the turmoil caused by downtime due to power outages. Every hour of downtime you experience is money you are losing.

While power outages cannot always be prevented, you can be prepared to have enough power on standby to safely shut down your operating system and equipment to ensure you do not lose data or have costly reboots. Having the appropriate equipment in place can save you in the end.

The right UPS system is your best protection when a sudden loss of power happens. In situations like at ATL airport, you may need more than a UPS system in the long run, but a UPS system could save you from losing data and having equipment malfunction because of an unexpected shutdown.


How exactly is a UPS system beneficial if it doesn’t have infinite runtime?


A UPS System is important if you have critical loads because it allows for you to calibrate and configure your system for a graceful shutdown before the batteries run off of juice.


A UPS system could not have prevented the fire that caused the power outage at the Atlanta airport nor aided with getting the backup power running, it could have, and possibly did, help them have enough time to safely shut down their systems so that when power was restored, they could quickly begin operations.

No matter how many steps you have in place, a power outage can still occur. It is important to make sure you have a UPS system in place that offers you the runtime you need to handle the load and safely shut down your systems when the loss of power happens.