The Need for Preventive Maintenance

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

It is far easier, and cheaper, to spend time preventing damage to your UPS system than it is to repair or replace it. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why companies choose to ignore the preventive side of UPS maintenance. Sometimes they may get lucky and get another year or two before their system goes down and needs batteries or parts. More often than not, costly damage will incur and they will be left with an unexpected bill.

The cost of preventive maintenance for your UPS system is very small compared to the cost of repair. Whether you need yearly visits or quarterly ones, there are multiple options available that still keep your equipment checked on and fit within various budgets.

In general, a preventive maintenance service call includes:

  • Check of unit wiring
  • Visual inspection of internal sub-assembly and components  
  • Check of electrical connections
  • Check fan(s) operation
  • Clean unit interior  
  • Check operation of alarm circuits
  • Verification of system software parameters
  • Calibration of unit to manufacturers specifications
  • Verify bypass/static switch
  • Perform battery & inverter diagnostics  
  • Verify charger operation
  • Return unit to normal operation with customer loads
  • Clean unit exterior


A preventive maintenance visit keeps the customer’s system running smoothly and may help avoid service calls by correcting problems before they happen. By being proactive with the care of your UPS system, you can help avoid unexpected costs and delays. It is important for any business that is utilizing a UPS system to take care of it.