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International Surge Suppression

SineTimer Logo - We ARE the standard

SineTamer Surge Protection Products

You need your life back!
Are you experiencing random downtime?
Are you tired of getting called on the carpet for not meeting production quotas?
Are you tired of getting called back to the plant when production stops?
Do you have unexplained VFD or PLC failures or lockups?
Would you like a 50% reduction in electronic maintenance?
You need Sinetamer! Check out our articles page for more info!
Check our product pages for your solution!




You need Sinetamer!


Check out our articles page for more info!

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Sinetamer Surge Protection Devices

The Sinetamer® solution encompasses the deployment of a 4th Generation Technology of surge and transient protection system. We are more than just a typical lightning arrestor which can be found on electrical panels around the world. Sinetamer® is an engineered solution designed for the ultra sensitive nature of all variations of microprocessor based devices.

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Security! Performance! Reliability! Warranty! Global Network of Trained Distributors!

Finally a performance based surge protective device that actually
performs and insures your electronic infrastructure.

At SineTamer® we proudly state, we Are the Standard!

All SineTamer products are for Export outside the USA. Contact for USA products.

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