Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting requirements and related building codes, such as the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101), are vital in the construction of commercial structures to facilitate safe occupant exit during a building fire or other emergency situations. Eaton brand emergency lighting UPS systems are UL 924-tested and certified.They will provide you with the industry’s highest capacity and efficiency while helping you reduce risk and effectively navigate any emergencies that may arise in your facility. With a full backup power and lighting portfolio and industry-leading service for emergency lighting applications, Energy Control Systems can provide you with a complete, end-to-end solution to support your emergency lighting needs in a wide range of environments.

Emergency lighting solutions are perfect for:

Commercial Buildings

  • Commercial buildings must comply with emergency lighting requirements before being occupied.
  • Commercial building customers have a choice in how to comply with applicable regulations. Energy Control Systems offers flexibility in meeting your needs by providing you with a full solution, featuring emergency lighting and power-listed equipment and companion solutions for use with generators in our auxiliary lighting and power-listed equipment, as well as a full lighting portfolio to enable you to select the combination that will best suit your needs.


Exit Lighting

  • In the event of a building fire, power outage or other emergency situation, facilities of all kinds require exit lighting to ensure occupants are able to exit the building promptly and safely.
  • With a full emergency lighting portfolio—including backup power UPS systems and lighting equipment such as lighted exit signs—Energy Control Systems can help you meet emergency exit lighting requirements, eliminating the need to rely on multiple vendors.


Healthcare Facilities

  • Healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics simply cannot afford to be in the dark during an emergency situation.
  • Our portfolio of emergency lighting equipment supports emergency systems and legally-required standby systems as required by sections 700 and 701 of the National Electric Code.


If your facility has emergency lighting needs, contact us at either 800.383.6956 or info@ecsintl.com.