Choosing the Best UPS Service Approach

We started out last week with how vitally important to have a service contract for your UPS System. Lets look into some additional details that should be considered before making that final decision.

What should/can be covered?

  • UPS electronics parts and labor.
  • UPS batteries, parts and labor. Often the leading cause of failure, batteries generally need to be replaced every five years or less. Note that when UPS batteries are external or the unit is 3 Phase, the batteries are not usually covered.  If this is something you need, additions to your plan can be made.
  • Preventive maintenance. A preventive maintenance visit allows a field technician to annually inspect, test, calibrate and upgrade any UPS and/or battery components, while ensuring factory-specified performance.
  • Remote monitoring. Remote monitoring allows us to view the UPS and battery system to expedite repairs and look for potential problems prior to failure. In the event of a critical alarm on your UPS, we notify you of the alarm and make a recommendation for how to address it. If a service contract is in place, a technician can be automatically dispatched to remedy the problem.

How much service do I need and how fast do I want my service delivered?

  • Around the clock or continuous service is called 7×24 coverage. A field technician will respond or deliver service at any hour, including weekends and holidays.
  • 5×8 coverage is limited to standard business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), Monday through Friday. If a problem occurs, it will be resolved within these hours.
  • Eight-, four-, two-hour or next business day response defines how quickly the field technician arrives after you have requested a service visit. For some situations, response time can be very important as it determines how fast the field technician can begin resolving a problem. *Depending on your location, certain response times may or may not be available.

Now that you know your options – isn’t it time you checked into protecting the equipment that protects your bottom line?

We are pleased to offer multiple options on our service agreements.  Check out our Service page and contact us today!