Choose the Right Service Approach

It is vitally important to have a service contract for your UPS System.

Finding a service plan to ensure continuous power over a typical UPS life cycle can be a relatively easy process. Now that you have a better understanding of why service is so important to extending the life of your UPS and its application, here are some questions to consider as you select the best coverage options.

What type of UPS Service do I need?

  • Onsite repair is primarily for large or hard-wired UPS products. Just contact me to arrange for a factory-trained field technician to arrive at your site to diagnose and repair electronic or battery-related problems.
  • Depot exchange (repair or replace) is primarily for smaller UPS products. Ship the UPS to a repair facility and we will return the repaired unit or a refurbished one.

  • Advance swap depot exchange is primarily for small UPS products. Contact us and we will advance ship a refurbished unit.

Do I buy a contract, extended warranty or pay as I go?

  • Support agreements, or service contracts, usually combine parts and labor coverage (electronics, batteries or both), one or more UPS preventive maintenance inspections annually, and a combination of coverage hours and arrival response time. Plans can be tailored to meet almost any need.
  • Extended warranties may also be purchased for many UPS products. A warranty commonly covers specified parts and labor, such as electronic components for a fixed period of time but may not include 24×7 coverage or arrival response time. Warranties also don’t include preventive maintenance, but extra services can be purchased in addition to a warranty extension.  Warranty extensions are limited to addition when purchasing your unit new.
  • Time and material (T&M) service is a pay-as-you-go approach where once something breaks, you contact ECS and we schedule a technician to conduct the repair. T&M can be done via depot repair or onsite, based on the product. While contract-covered customers take priority, T&M services can usually be scheduled quickly.  Many situations for units that are not under contract require T&M service due to the unknown nature of the problem.

In the future we will go further into what should/can be covered and other pertinent details to cover.

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