Does Your UPS System Sound Like a Barnyard?!

This may seem like a very odd question to ask, but if your UPS system is making weird noises that sound more like the barnyard than an office, you may have a serious issue on your hands.


Chirping and Mooing?!


If your UPS system sounds like there is a chicken or cow inside, you will want to schedule a service visit sooner rather than later.


When a UPS system is making a noise that you’ve never heard before, specifically a chirping or mooing type sound, you may be experiencing issues with the fans. Just like in a laptop and desktop computer system, the fans in a UPS have an important job to do. They keep the electronics and overall unit at a normal operating temperature.


When fans do not operate properly, they allow heat to build up that can damage electronics and cause batteries to fail prematurely. The excessive heat is damaging to the entire system, which in turn can cost you more money than just the cost of replacing the fans.


So, the next time you hear these telltale sounds, do not waste valuable time – give Energy Control Systems a call to schedule an on-site technician visit. We are happy to help your office sound more like an office again.