The Benefits of ECS!

At Energy Control Systems, our goal is to make life easier for you. We bring product knowledge, technical experience, and exceptional customer service to the table for a wide range of businesses – businesses just like yours.



When it comes to products, ECS is a leading provider of the latest technology and high-quality hardware to better protect your business. Some of the products we provide are:

  • UPS Units  
  • Battery Cabinets  
  • Bypass Switches  
  • Cabinets  
  • Cabling Solutions  
  • Communication Elements  
  • Surge Protection  



In addition to the hardware, Energy Control Systems provides for nationwide onsite coverage through a network of highly trained technicians. We offer service plans that cover as little or as much as you need. These services can include:  

  • One-Time PM Visits  
  • Multi-year PM Visits for units and batteries  
  • Battery Installations  
  • Repairs
  • Unit Startups  
  • On-Call Comprehensive Services  
  • Telephone Assistance  
  • Battery Monitoring



The benefit of this type of relationship goes beyond the obvious assistance behind the scenes. There is value in everything we do to help you keep your systems up and running.  

  • Higher customer satisfaction = increased profits  
  • More consistent uptime = increased profits  


Our approach has proven time and time again to provide savings in man-hours and reduce unnecessary downtime all while we deliver exceptional customer service and support. To learn more about how Energy Control Systems can benefit your business, contact us today!