Staying safe during power outages

It’s impossible to know where you’ll be when a power outage hits. The wrong move could put you and your customers at risk, adding to the pressure of the situation. With these best practices, you will be able to stay safe during a power outage and recover as quickly as possible.

Be mindful of the weather

The weather will have a major impact on your well-being during a power outage. Thunderstorms, for example, could flood buildings if sump pumps and other water diverters aren’t operational. noted that if it’s hot outside, move to the lowest level of the building and wear lightweight clothing. It’s also important to drink plenty of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Similarly, cold temperatures will affect your safety during an outage. Layering warm clothing and moving to another location are the best strategies here.

Stay calm

Outages are stressful situations for any business owner, but it’s vitally important to remain calm and make accommodations. NY Daily News noted that 30 residents were stuck in elevatorswhen an electrical outage took out the power at 46 buildings within a Brooklyn housing development. The individuals had to be evacuated from the elevators by first responders.

In events like this, it’s easy to escalate fears and induce a panicked state. If the power goes out and you’re in a compromised location – like an elevator – remain calm and call the police. This will help responders find you faster and enable operators to guide you through how to care for yourself and others in the meantime.

Create a plan

The best way to ensure safety during a power outage is to take preventive action and establish procedures to handle such situations. Chicago Tribune contributor Jerry Davich recounted his own experience of an outage that reminded him just how important having a strategy is during an outage. Davich didn’t have backup systems in his home and wasn’t sure whether his generator would even work because it hadn’t been used or tested in years.

Businesses run into many of these same problems, just on an enterprise scale. An outage can damage equipment and lead to data loss if crucial documents weren’t saved. Blindly trusting that a system will work as intended is also a mistake, as it leaves you unprepared in the event of a failure. Organizations must not only create a plan around uninterruptible power supply solutions, but also establish a schedule for maintaining these systems. This will ensure that the UPS can seamlessly transition power loads during an outage and that any issues with the equipment are fixed in a timely manner.

Power outages can put organizations and staff in dangerous situations. By remaining calm, watching the weather and establishing a plan, it will be easier to stay safe during an outage. For more information on how to avoid power outages, contact ECS today.