Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together for Your Business

Every business is unique and that is why there are multiple options for helping you achieve the backup power system you need to operate with confidence.


Not every company is suited to a standard, off-the-shelf solution, sometimes it is necessary to think outside the box in order to make your plans come to life. Creating custom, integrated backup power solutions are a reality for those challenging or unique power backup projects thanks to Energy Control System’s ability to offer integrated custom solutions. 


Your unique solution will span the overall scope of your project, balance your budget and keep you on schedule. There are four variations of customizing your system: 


  1. Use kit standard parts to create an overall solution 
  2. Assemble standard parts to create a preconfigured fully tested solution
  3. Modify standard parts to create a unique pre-configured solution 
  4. Create a complete custom solution based on your product scope and constraints.  


Let Energy Control Systems be your solution fulfillment channel and strategic partner with our highly customized and project-driven service offerings:


  • System integration  
  • Web card install and programming  
  • IT rack building and staging  
  • Dynamic warehousing and supply chain management  
  • Custom packaged power solutions  
  • Converged infrastructure projects  
  • Professional project management 


Contact the team at ECS and let us find the right pieces to fit your needs.