Protect Your IT Equipment

No matter the size of your business, it is important that you are taking the necessary precautions to protect your IT equipment. In today’s digital age, there are few companies that do not rely on IT to one degree or another.


Are you protected?

Do you know what to watch out for?


POWER. You may only notice power disturbances when the lights flicker or go out, but your PCs, servers, and network equipment can be damaged by many other power anomalies that are invisible to the human eye, and that degrade equipment over time.

HEAT. Your equipment rack or enclosure is probably packed with more high-density equipment than ever. That equipment is generating more heat in smaller spaces than ever, creating a sauna that could shorten the life of IT systems that are critical to your business.

HUMAN ERROR. Even the most well-intentioned employee could unwittingly pull out a cable or power cord, disconnect devices, or zap a component with static electricity. Is the risk really worth worrying about? You can worry now, or worry later.


IT systems are at risk even in the largest data centers. Out of 450 Fortune 1000 companies surveyed, each suffered an average of nine IT failures each year. About 28 percent of these incidents were caused by power problems.

At ECS, we support our exceptional products with integrity and expertise to provide sustainable power solutions for your business.

Quick Tips to Help Protect Your IT Equipment

  • Don’t assume your business is too small for protective measures.
  • Treat any IT equipment location as a data center.
  • Determine the level of power protection you need.
  • Provide for backup power during utility outages.
  • Protect IT equipment from overheating.
  • Protect IT equipment from unauthorized access.
  • Manage cables for efficiency and airflow.