Protect Your Equipment. Protect Your Investment. Protect Your Earnings.

You have invested money in the sensitive electronic equipment that is necessary to keep your business up and running, but did you know that your investment is in danger of being damaged or knocked offline by power anomalies?

Blackouts. Brownouts. Line Noise. Over-Voltage.

Aside from blackouts, these words may mean very little to you, but each one of them presents a unique danger to your equipment. These interruptions to the power supply can each cause serious damage to your electronics, but even if the equipment is okay, they can still cost you money in downtime due to reboots and reinstalls of data.

Let’s take a look at what each of these anomalies due to the power supply and the effect they can have on your systems.

Blackout – When there is a complete failure of power supply. Companies that experience blackouts without the necessary protection for their systems can lose data and suffer from extended downtime as equipment must be rebooted upon the power’s return.

Brownout – When voltage coming in is reduced below 90% of the normal amount. The lower voltage can go unnoticed but cause significant wear on the equipment, such as motors that are caused to run hot due to the low voltage.

Line Noise – When a random fluctuation or electrical impulse is carried along with standard AC current. The severity of this anomaly fluctuates, being capable of causing errors in files, glitches with server uploads, and damaging hard drive components.

Over-Voltage – When voltage coming in is increased over the normal amount. This event can cause your systems to complete shut down without warning, unexplained malfunctions, and costly hardware damage to occur.

There are options you can invest in to safeguard against these and other interruptions to the power supply. An online uninterruptible power system (UPS) provides double-conversion technology that converts incoming AC power into filtered DC power and then synthesizes it back into AC power with a pure sine wave. This helps protect your systems from experiencing any interruption in the power supply.