It’s Time for Spring Weather

Springtime is almost here and that means pretty flowers, green grass, sunny skies, warmer weather – and the likelihood of severe weather! Spring storms can be very detrimental to power supplies, which can cause a lot of costly downtime problems for businesses.

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is very important to avoid downtime from power outages. It is your UPS system that keeps your IT systems running until backup generators, if you have them, can begin to power the equipment. For businesses without generators, a UPS system can provide enough time to gracefully shut down critical processes so that damage does not occur.

The size of your UPS depends on your load. If the UPS is too small for the load, it can mean shorter runtime or a complete shutdown and drop of the attached loads. If your company experiences growth and the load increases, it may mean that you need to update or upgrade your UPS system.

Springtime is also a great reminder to check batteries. If you have not been maintaining at least yearly preventative maintenance visits, you will want to check your batteries. You don’t want to find out that the batteries in your UPS system are not working properly when you most need your UPS system.

And make sure you are protected against any surge in power. A surge protection device (SPD) is meant to help protect your equipment by suppressing rapid increases in voltage. If your system gets hit by lightning, even indirectly, the massive voltage increase overwhelms your electronics and can easily destroy them.

Are you protected from power outages and surges caused by severe weather? Contact ECS to protect against unexpected power disruptions caused by storms this spring!