How does Energy savings equate to Profitability?

How do PACE AI energy savings translate to my business?

The specific translation depends on your specific business. However, EPA and DOE have done a great deal of research, and they say the following:
Hospitals: Each dollar saved in energy costs is equivalent to generating new revenues of $20 for hospitals, or $10 for medical offices and nursing homes.
Hotels: A 10% reduction in energy costs is equivalent to increasing Average Daily Room rates by $.62 for limited-service hotels and $1.35 for full-service hotels.
Office Buildings: Saving 30% of energy costs in a commercial office building is equivalent to increasing the net operating income by 4%, which would support a 4% increase in asset value.
Supermarkets: For the average supermarket, reducing energy costs by 10% is equivalent to increasing sales per square foot by nearly $59!
Does it pay me to save energy? Unequivocally yes! When should I start?  Yesterday!
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