Brrr! It’s Cold In Here. There Might Be Some – Power Anomalies In Your Future.

Cold weather can have an adverse effect on your power supply. With winter months upon us, many people reading this are about to experience just what the cold can do!

Cold Weather can equal Power Anomalies.
Power Anomalies can equal Disrupted Operations.
Disrupted Operations can equal Downtime.
Downtime can equal Lost Revenue.

Cold weather can cause a range of power supply anomalies through damaging the line or causing a strain on the power supply. Here is what each of these anomalies can do to the power supply and the effect they may have on your systems.

Blackout – When there is a complete failure of power supply. Companies that experience blackouts without the necessary protection for their systems can lose data and suffer from extended downtime as equipment must be rebooted upon the power’s return.

Brownout – When voltage coming in is reduced below 90% of the normal amount. The lower voltage can go unnoticed but cause significant wear on the equipment, such as motors that are caused to run hot due to the low voltage.

Line Noise – When a random fluctuation or electrical impulse is carried along with standard AC current. The severity of this anomaly fluctuates, being capable of causing errors in files, glitches with server uploads, and damaging hard drive components.

Over-Voltage – When voltage coming in is increased over the normal amount. This event can cause your systems to complete shut down without warning, unexplained malfunctions, and costly hardware damage to occur.

If your business does not have the appropriate protection and backup in place to handle these situations, you will be looking at unnecessary downtime that can cost you.

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