Avoiding power surges in your business [Video]

Your hardware might seem to be running appropriately, but power surges within your facility could be degrading your equipment right under your nose. These surges can lead to hardware failures and downtime, impacting your operations. Protecting against power surges will help avoid downtime and equipment damage.

Every time a big piece of machinery like an HVAC system kicks on, it can send a surge through your system. These spikes damage any technology plugged into the wall, costing up to $26 billion in lost time as well as equipment repair and replacement expenses. Monitoring your equipment power output will help operators detect surges and take preventive action.

Alongside monitoring systems, you should create a maintenance schedule. This will help identify any damage and respond appropriately. Surge suppression solutions will be absolutely essential to dissipating dangerous spikes and keeping your systems safe. For more information on mitigating power surges, stay tuned with ECS.