You’re Nowhere Near the End – Avoid Growing Pains!

If you’re lucky, your business is constantly growing! Expanding your workforce and productivity is always a great accomplishment, but it also means you need to be prepared for that growth. Did you know, not all UPS systems are the same? The size of the UPS system your business needs depends on the output energy your equipment needs.

Think of it is changing your clothing size as you grow! When you hit your growth spurt and add a foot to your height, you can’t continue wearing the same length pants. The same is true with your UPS system.


The best way to avoid a headache is to plan for the future.


UPS Scalability – Something to Think About


It’s always important to consider your future expansion needs when evaluating solutions. Eaton’s scalable UPS solutions provide a competitive advantage by offering a cost-effective way to increase capacity. This is a great way to plan for growth while avoiding unexpected cost down the road.

Virtually all Eaton UPS’s with a 6 kVA or greater power rating offer some form of scalability, either through a simple firmware upgrade, the addition of modular hardware components, or the paralleling of multiple UPS systems. Depending on your projecting growth in equipment needs, there is an option for everyone.

For cost-conscious or budget-constrained customers, a UPS with inherent scalability often proves to be the best value in the long run, allowing you to increase capacity without purchasing additional hardware. A simple kVA upgrade is all that’s needed to enable a UPS with inherent scalability to operate at full capacity.

Don’t get caught with a UPS system that can’t handle your load. Prepare for your companies future.