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February 2018

Do I Need A UPS System?

You would be surprised by how many people ask this question. Simply put, if you’re asking, the answer is probably, YES!   An uninterruptible power supply system is a wise investment for companies looking to protect themselves from costly downtimes. Without a UPS system, you are putting

Surge Protection – What, Why, and How!

Surge protection devices come in many shapes and sizes. The basic job is the same, though. A surge protection unit is a device meant to regulate power anomalies and protect your equipment from them. Power anomalies such as a surge or spike can occur to

Does Your UPS System Sound Like a Barnyard?!

This may seem like a very odd question to ask, but if your UPS system is making weird noises that sound more like the barnyard than an office, you may have a serious issue on your hands.   Chirping and Mooing?!   If your UPS system sounds like there