Month: July 2017

3 common power quality issues [Video]

Power quality is essential to keeping critical systems operating effectively. However, the rising need for continual supply is straining legacy power systems. There are a few power quality issues that you should watch for: If your system experiences short interruptions for a few seconds, it could trip protection devices and lead to data loss. Organizations […]

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Avoiding power surges in your business [Video]

Your hardware might seem to be running appropriately, but power surges within your facility could be degrading your equipment right under your nose. These surges can lead to hardware failures and downtime, impacting your operations. Protecting against power surges will help avoid downtime and equipment damage. Every time a big piece of machinery like an […]

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Protecting patients during a power outage

Power outages can be a chaotic and stressful time for any business, but when lives are on the line, it’s important to address the problem quickly. Illnesses and injuries don’t take a break, and it’s important for medical professionals to be ready to handle any problems that might occur while treating patients. Let’s take a […]

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