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June 2017

What is the actual cost of equipment failure?

The prospect of an equipment failure is enough to keep any IT professional up at night. Organizations rely on their hardware to work optimally at all times to support critical business processes and data, but when something goes wrong, the consequences can be dire. Let's take

Why you should take steps to avoid downtime [Video]

Downtime is a major concern that keeps IT staff up at night. It can be easy to think that downtime events won’t happen to you, but there are a few key reasons why you should take steps to avoid these situations. First of all, downtime is

How data centers can effectively manage power surges

Machines are made up of a number of sensitive components. One power surge can reduce the life span of your IT hardware and any other electronics that are plugged into the wall. For data centers, which rely on the optimal performance of equipment, a power

Real consequences of transit power outages

Around the world, commuters use trains and subway systems to get to work, school and other important locations. These lines are made up of complex infrastructure, and if anything goes wrong, it can put a real wrench into operations. Amtrak alone transported 31.3 million passengers


3 surge protection secrets your company can benefit from today

Power surges are a major menace to business assets and operations. In a previous article, we discussed three ways that power surges can put organizations at risk, including damaging your hardware and causing outages. To prevent these issues from occurring, leverage these surge protection secrets