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Data & Telecommunications Products

Data Line & Current Loop

Data communications lines and current loops are the life blood of highly integrated systems and networks, which are susceptible to failure from even low-level transient activity, are often exposed to high-level transients such as lightning. Protecting these circuits is another key element of the Optimal Protection Network.

Multi-stage Hybrid Design
Data Rates to 100Mbps
Low Impedance/Insertion loss
Terminal, Coax and Hardwire
Lowest Let-through Voltage Levels
UL 497B


Telecommunication lines are very often the overlooked “back door” for transients to enter your facility. Telecommunication equipment often suffers the highest rate of catastrophic damage of any system within a facility. Protecting incoming telecommunications lines and lines running from one building to another is not only prudent, it is an NEC requirement.

Voice Grade POTS, ISDN, DSL, T1, Fax and Modem Lines
Terminal Strip, Modular Jack and Punch-down Block Configurations
Lowest Let-through Voltage Levels
UL 497A
UL 497B

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