It’s business as usual!

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Business as Usual

At the risk of being cliché in this time of worldwide trepidation and spamming you with yet another COVID-19 socially conscious piece of contrived marketing material, I am going to assure you that we at ECS are going to continue with business as usual.
We have spent more than 3 decades becoming a network of international partnerships, and the way we did that was focusing on people more than profit. We invest everything we can into the people we employ, the people we empower and the communities in which they reside. We will continue with business as usual.
Our community truly is global, and now more than ever focusing on our community is literally a life or death venture. We’re committed to you and we ask you to be committed to others. With stakeholders on 6 of 7 continents, the family we have built here at ECS has a voice both globally and locally and we’re choosing to use that voice to focus on the people and not the products. We will continue with business as usual.
Our products are top notch, but the relationships we’ve developed across the globe transcend even the return on investment we provide. The current environment in which we’re operating is unusual for many of us, but it is not insurmountable. We are committed to doing our best to fulfill any and all needs we can while considering the health and lives of everyone involved. And everyone is involved. We will continue with business as usual.
Of course, things are changing in an extremely fluid manner, and we will continue to keep our distributors, clients and employees as informed as possible. We encourage you to do the best thing you can for your own businesses, and that’s focusing on the humanity around you. Reach out to the people in your sphere of influence even if it’s just to let them know you haven’t forgotten them in these trying times. Solidarity is the most important thing right now, and for the ECS family, it’s business as usual.
Obviously, we are conscious of the necessary steps to be health minded for our local community. Considering that, all ECS staff is operating in a telecommute fashion due to compulsory shelter-in-place mandates. We are in constant communication with all our suppliers and supply chain partners to ensure that orders in the pipeline will be fulfilled. We appreciate all your understanding in these significantly difficult times. Rest assured that we will continue with business as usual.
We manufacture and distribute power quality and efficiency products, but even more so we develop deep and meaningful relationships with our communities, locally, nationally and globally. We’re committed to the people we can affect. It’s business as usual.
Best Regards,
Dustin Edwards
Director of Communications
Energy Control Systems International