Are you properly maintaining your uninterruptible power supply system?

Power is at the center of any organization’s continued success. Just about every part of a business needs access to reliable energy, and a lack of this can cause some major issues. One of the best ways to mitigate the risks of an outage is by investing in an uninterruptible power supply system, as these can act as the last line of defense to ensure everything stays on.

However, these machines aren’t perfect, and they generally require periodic maintenance. On that note, let’s dive into what a UPS failure can do and how companies can go about avoiding this issue altogether.

“UPS units generally require periodic maintenance.”

Outages aren’t cheap

When an outage is imminent, it’s nice to know that your organization’s power supply system has a backup plan in the form of a UPS unit. That said, simply setting up these systems and forgetting about them can cause some major headaches down the road.

Just look at the disaster that befell the Global Switch 2 data center. This facility services a large portion of Europe’s data center needs, and therefore invested in UPS devices to ensure uptime. Sadly, this wasn’t what ended up happening. The Register’s Kat Hall reported that a failure in one of the UPS units caused a power outage that affected all customers. Although the incident only went on for 222 milliseconds, one customer was shut down for two days.

Of course, data centers feel the biggest impact of a power outage. However, downtime is incredibly expensive for any organization, whether it be a manufacturer or a health care organization. In fact, Gartner has estimated that network downtime can cost around $5,600 per minute. Clearly, leaving these issues up to fate simply isn’t an option.

Don’t leave your company’s success to chance.

Periodic maintenance is key

Whether the Global Switch 2 data center could have been avoided with proper upkeep is impossible to know. However, many issues like this incident happen due to a lack of maintenance of UPS equipment. These systems are incredibly hardy, but they do need to be looked at now and again.

That said, considering the important role power plays in your company’s prosperity, you’ll want to make sure that you get an experienced professional to have a look at your equipment. This is one area that we at ECS pride ourselves in.

Our professionals are highly experienced in the field of UPS maintenance and repair, and they know how to ensure the safety of your business’s uptime. Contact us today to discover what ECS can do for you.