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Energy Savings Products

 So… You have an interest in saving energy, but no idea where to start?

Historically, two of the most significant areas of energy usage for any commercial building have been in the HVACR areas and lighting.

Over the 30+ years of business we have been approached by numerous companies to carry their latest and greatest product to save energy! While many looked quite attractive, we just never found a comfort level nor the consistent savings we expected to see.  That is until now!

With the release of the PACE AI Suite and its breakthrough edge+cloud technology to deliver connectivity, 24/7 monitoring, and predictive maintenance, and optimization for the equipment that heats and cools the world. The patented PACE AI/ML technology has reliably delivered 20-25% or more energy cost savings for a very wide range of cooling, heating, and refrigeration equipment, proven in various climate zones in North America and the Caribbean. The PACE AI Suite is qualified for many energy-efficiency incentives and rebates across North America, which may cover 50% and more of installedcost, and is qualified as well for utility On-Bill Funding programs, which are zero-upfront-cost ways for commercial electric- and gas-utility clients to pay for energy-saving projects.

The PACE AI Suite consists of a rugged, UL-listed industrial IoT edge node, with cloud-based AI/ML to both optimize and monitor Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) equipment. It can be used for both building and industrial process heating/cooling applications. Each installation delivers remote dashboarding from any mobile device, with easy-to-use cloud API for interoperability with a wide range of building and process systems.

Secondly, we have all participated in the move from incandescent bulb to compact fluorescent to most recently LED. The short coming of many of the LED offerings have been life expectancy and reliability.  That is, until now!

Our connection with Toggled changes all of that! Toggled commercial-grade LEDs are designed and engineered in the U.S.A., have a shatterproof polycarbonate construction, are rated for 50,000 hours, start at full brightness, are suitable for damp and cold conditions, and come with a best-in-class warranty.

With more than 100 patents secured, Toggled is recognized as an innovator in direct-wire LED technology. Our LED lighting technology saves between 40 and 70 percent of energy relative to fluorescent tubes. The benefits of extended life, control, and improved quality of light come together for a significantly lower total lifecycle cost, all while improving the user experience.

Save money, save energy, and have better light with Toggled.



Additional information on both offerings can be found on the following pages.  Let us help you save money!

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