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Eaton 9 Series for full power protection of critical applications, day and night

These double-conversion UPSs with excellent connectivity and communication features provide full protection against all nine types of power problems. Most of them can run in parallel, thus providing 100-% uptime in the most critical of applications.

There are nine common types of power problems, shown in the table below. The 3-5-9 concept clarifies what types of problems can be avoided with which solutions, and in which environment each solution is the most useful.

The Eaton 9 series of unit will address all 9 power problems. These units are available in single and three phase configurations up to 200kw.


1. Power Failure

2. Power Sag

3. Power Surge

4. Under voltage

5. Over voltage

6. Switching Transient

7. Line Noise

8. Frequency Variation

9. Harmonic Distortion

Eaton 9 Series Single Phase Units

Series 9



Limited Supplies Available as of 10/12/16.

Unit declared End of Life by Eaton.

Series 9 9130 Tower



Limited Supplies Available as of 10/12/16.

Unit declared End of Life by Eaton

Eaton 93 SERIES (3-PHASE)
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