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March 2017

How to prepare for a business power outage

Power outages are unique in the fact that they can show signs before they occur, or they can happen spontaneously. Either way, organizations must be prepared for their power to go down when they need it most. Here are a few tips to get ready in


Power outages impact hospitals across the nation

Hospitals and medical facilities rely on technology and equipment to deliver lifesaving treatments and provide quality patient care. Many of these devices contain sensitive components that can break or cause a power surge across the power environment for the entire facility. When the lights go out


How weather extremes place added stress on your power supply [Video]

2016 clocked in as the hottest year on record. Rising overall temperatures, on top of seasonal weather extremes, places significant stress on your power supply and critical systems. The continued increases in temperature will boost overall energy demand, impacting our ability to produce and deliver electricity.


Is your company a sitting duck for a power outage? [Video]

Outages can impact any business at anytime. You should ask critical questions to determine if you’re a sitting duck for a power outage or if your systems are prepared for this type of situation. Have you experienced power surges lately? If so, your hardware and its