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3 threats facing your current electrical system

Electricity is a central need for every business's operations, and protecting the systems that handle it is of the utmost importance. That said, knowing exactly what to prepare for can be difficult to say the least. To that end, let's explore some common threats facing your


Power outages and your company’s reputation [Video]

Our reliance on volts and amps has become so ubiquitous that on occasion we find ourselves forgetting that without electricity, it would be impossible to run a business here in the 21st century. Welcome to ECS. We’d like to take some time to remind you of


Power to the patients: Energy’s importance in health care

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found 7.3 percent of Americans have visited the emergency room in the last 12 months, highlighting just how important the health care industry is. However, running a medical facility means utilizing many resources, the most important of which


3 ways to avoid a loss of power in a restaurant

Power outages are no joke, especially for those in the restaurant industry. According to the Food and Drug Administration, it only takes two hours for refrigerated food to spoil at room temperature, which can be a disastrous financial setback for your kitchen. What's more, energy news