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Power outages impact hospitals across the nation

Hospitals and medical facilities rely on technology and equipment to deliver lifesaving treatments and provide quality patient care. Many of these devices contain sensitive components that can break or cause a power surge across the power environment for the entire facility. When the lights go out


How weather extremes place added stress on your power supply [Video]

2016 clocked in as the hottest year on record. Rising overall temperatures, on top of seasonal weather extremes, places significant stress on your power supply and critical systems. The continued increases in temperature will boost overall energy demand, impacting our ability to produce and deliver electricity.


Is your company a sitting duck for a power outage? [Video]

Outages can impact any business at anytime. You should ask critical questions to determine if you’re a sitting duck for a power outage or if your systems are prepared for this type of situation. Have you experienced power surges lately? If so, your hardware and its


3 ways to prevent downtime in your business

When something goes wrong within an organization, it can halt workflows, lose revenue opportunities and cost a lot to recover. Business IT infrastructure is becoming more complex and remains a necessary asset to carry out daily operations. Unfortunately, unplanned downtime can hit any company at any


Why UPS could be your best investment for 2017 [Video]

When an organization plans its technology setup, an uninterruptible power supply may be overlooked for flashier hardware and software tools. However, a UPS system could be the best investment your business makes this year. Downtime is a major detriment to any business. Power outages and voltage


3 ways power surges put businesses at risk

Power surges are largely unavoidable occurrences caused by lightning, faulty wiring or the activation of a high-power electrical device. Are power surge hazards putting your business at risk of the following interruptions? 1. Slow down operations A power surge with sudden current spikes within an electrical circuit